LSC Affiliate Program

Looking to make some extra money? Affiliate Marketing is all over the Internet, but it only helps big Corporations not local.

So why not be an Affiliate for a local business and help build our business while you make money as well.

Its simple, all you have to do is sign up as an affiliate, help promote our business thru social media and in person

and you get a percentage of whatever the customers (that you refer to us) spend at our business.

For example you refer a customer to us that spends $300.00 on vehicle repairs you could get up to $30.00 for just refering them to us.

As an affiliate you will have access to exclusive deals you can offer to potential customers and if you give out 3 deals a day that adds up to

1080 potential customers per year, and if they all spend an average of $300.00 for the entire year you could make $32,400.00 for the year.

The National average that a consumer spends on Vehicle Maintanence per year is $397.00 thats just routine maintanence it does not include 

Brake Jobs, Tire Purchase, or any major repairs.


Once you sign up as an affiliate you will receive an affiliate number, this shows us who refered the customer to us.

This number will be on business cards that you can pass out (supplied by us) it will be on digital images that you can post

on social media and share with your friends to print off or screen shot and bring in to get that particular special which will only be

available thru our affiliates. The digital images will be available once you sign up and get your number, the business cards will take 

a couple of weeks to get printed with your affiliate number on them.


To sign up to be an affiliate we will need the following:

Your Name

Your Address

Your Email

Your Phone Number

Completed W4 Form (click here to download form)

Your Choice of how you want paid : Cash, Check, PayPal

You can send all above information to: [email protected]

or you can come in person to fill out the information. 


This is an opportunity that comes around once so dont miss out.

Lubeck Service Center has been in business since 2005 and we just recently moved into a larger facility so we can 

expand our business and we added the LSC Fun Center for family entertainment in the MOV, we have an ASE certified

master mechanic with over 30 years experience working on all makes and models so we have no problem of fixing anything

that your customers need. We have been trusted by local parts stores to refer customers to us and we have been trusted by

local body shops to do sub-contract work for them, as well as work on local fleet vehicles for several companies.

So as an affiliate you would be recommending a very well trusted garage to do work for you or your friends, plus we are the

only Auto Repair shop that has a 5000 sqft waiting room with lots of things for you to do while you wait.