Bob's Homemade Gourmet Brownies are made to order, so plan accordingly and allow for up to seven days for delivery and up to two weeks advance notice to book a Costumed Character to deliver product. You can also purchase products at LSC Fun Center when available.

Bob's Gourmet Brownies are a combination of excellence and pure obsession. Each Brownie is in a league of its own and drowned in pure sweet sauces and topped with 24k Gold flakes.

Perfect for that special occasion or a free get out of jail card.


Bob's Brownies are sold in pairs, enough for two people at a cost of:

$80.00/pair "Pick Up"

$90.00/pair "Delivered"

$190.00/pair Delivered by a Costumed Character of your Choice


Brownie Menu

**Blondie -- Pecans, Walnuts, 24k Gold flakes and a rich batter brownie drowned in White Chocolate, Caramel and Cream Cheese Sauces, Recommend Paired Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 

**Italian Bomb -- Chocolate and Cream Cheese Brownie drowned in White Chocolate, Cream Cheese and Chocolate Sauces topped in 24k Gold Flakes, Recommended Paired with either Chocolate Ice Cream or Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

**Death by Chocolate -- Double Chocolate Fudge Chunk Brownie drowned in White Chocolate and Cream Cheese Sauces topped in 24k Gold Flakes, Recommmend Paired with Chocolate Peanut Butter Reese's Chunk Ice Cream