Bob's Homemade Fudge is made to order so plan accordingly and allow for up to seven days for delivery and up to two weeks advance notice to book a Costume Character to deliver your product. You can also purchase products at LSC Fun Center when available.

Warning Bob's Homemade Fudge may cause a self induced sugar coma if not careful. 


All Online Orders are sold by the Pound at a cost of:

$28.00/Pound "Pick Up."

$36.00/Pound "Delivered."

$136.00/Pound Delivered by a Costumed Character of your choice, perfect for parties or if you just want to embarrass or scare someone at work, we have it covered.


Fudge Menu


**Peanut Butter

**Root Beer Float

**Orange Creamsicle

**Red Velvet Cream Cheese

**Cookies and Cream


fudge fudge fudge


fudge fudge fudge