Trivia League Information:

The trivia league is streaming online so you can play on your cell phone, laptop or computer anywhere.

Individual player format but you can get your friends or family to help out.

We run live trivia on Saturdays at 6pm and 8pm and on Mondays at 6pm 8pm and 10pm

It is a timed trivia and you lose points for a wrong answer but whoever finishes each trivia with the highest score that is not in the negative wins a cash prize for that trivia.

So each week you will have 5 trivia competitions that you can enter, each trivia is limited to the number of players and max pay out for each trivia is $400

Each Trivia has 100 questions to answer correctly in an hour.

The cash prize for the highest score is determined by the number of players entered in that trivia.

Each winner is responsible for paying taxes on their winnings and will receive a 1099misc.

League Entry Fee's are $10 per trivia, once you sign up you will receive the link to access the triva competition you entered

and the trivia will go live at the time it was specified. 


This weeks Trivia Schedule You can click on any date and time below to get the link for the Trivia Games you can either play for free on register as a competitor.

90's Trivia Monday 8/15  at 6pm  Click here to reserve your spot in the Tournament        Click here to play for free

Food and Drink Trivia Monday 8/15 at 8pm Click here to reserve your spot in the Tournament    Click here to play for free

Music Trivia Guitar Gods and More Monday 8/15 at 10pm Click here to reserve your spot in the Tournamnet        Click here to play for free  


Mini Golf League 

Mini Golf league will play on Tuesday Night and Thursday Night Starting Sept. 1st 2022

Cost of Entry is $10 per person for each night.

No age limit on competitors.

Individual Low Score for the Night wins the cash prize. In case of a tie score the participants will play a single hole to determine the winner.

Max $ pay out for winner is determined by number of players entered in league play for each night.

To register for Mini Golf League stop in to Sign Up 


Mini Golf Tournaments will be held on Saturdays Starting September 3rd 2022 at 2pm

Registration fee is $20 per person and you must register prior to the date of the Tournament

18 hole lowest score wins