Bob's Homemade Muffins are made to order so plan accordingly and allow for up to seven days for delivery or up to two weeks in advance to book for a Costumed Character to deliver product. You can also purchase product at LSC Fun Center when available.

Bob's Gourmet Muffins are the perfect sweet treat to share with someone.


All Muffins are sold in Pairs for a cost of:

$20.00/pair "Pick Up"

$28.00/pair "Delivered"

$128.00/pair Delivered by a Costumed Character of your choice, perfect for parties or if you just want to embarrass or scare someone at work, we got it covered.


Muffin Menu

**Blueberry Crumb -- Drizzled with Blueberry and Cream Cheese Sauce +

**French Toast -- Drizzled with Cream Cheese Sauce +

**Red Velvet Cream Cheese -- Drizzled with White Chocolate and Cream Cheese Sauce +

**Chocolate Cream Cheese -- Drizzled with Chocolate and Cream Cheese Sauce +

+ Gourmet Toppings added on day of Pick Up or Delivery 


muffins muffins muffins